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the key to business information management

The Keys to Business Information Management

Your client has a beautiful website with high-quality, relevant content. You’ve gone through checking and double-checking all the tactics of an effective on-site SEO campaign: keyword optimization, metadata, sitemap, URLs, image tags, outbound links, H1s, H2s and even H3s. To your dismay, you find that your campaign isn’t generating the lift in traffic you’d anticipated. If this sounds familiar, you may be neglecting to leverage the potential of business information management to complement your SEO strategy with an off-site component. Let’s go through the process of creating your client’s off-site identity, but first…

What Makes Business Information Management So Important?

Business listings, also known as citation signals, are one of the most important factors in determining a website’s rankings in the search engine results. Google, especially, makes it a must to have an up-to-date listing present in order to rank for local business searches. Consumers want instant results they can count on. Not showing up on the first pages of maps and organic searches is basically the same as not showing up at all. Failing to establish a client’s off-site identity through the use of business information management can greatly detract from all that effort you put into your on-site SEO strategies.

Where Do You Start?

There are two ways to tackle business information management: manually claim and manage listings or use a piece of software that will distribute the information for you.

1.)    Manual Listing Distribution

This is the “free” option. You could go through a list (see below) of some of the more important directories and hand pick the ones to which you want to submit your client’s business information. As you can see, this could easily take a number of hours in the double digits (not so “free,” huh?) for a single client. Not only is it time consuming, it is also error prone and would have to be completely redone if, for example, your client changed their phone number. If your client has existing listings, especially if they don’t have control over them, your task becomes an even greater nightmare. Getting login credentials from your clients or having the publisher release control of them can take days or even weeks, complicating the process.

  1. Google
  2. Bing
  3. Yahoo!
  4. Yelp
  5. Facebook
  6. Better Business Bureau
  7. Angie’s List
  8. Merchant Circle
  9. LinkedIn
  11. Whitepages
  13. Yellowbook
  14. CitySearch
  15. MapQuest/Yext
  17. Foursquare
  18. CitySlick
  20. Dex Media
  22. TeleAtlas
  23. Discover Our Town
  24. EZ Local
  25. Kudzu
  26. CityVoter
  27. Manta
  28. UsCity
  29. Advice Local
  30. InfoUSA
  31. Infignos
  32. Get Fave
  33. My Huckleberry
  34. Yellowee
  35. LocalStack
  36. Brownbook
  37. Magic Yellow
  38. CitySquares
  39. Map Creator
  40. Judy’s Book 
  41. TripAdvisor
  42. Thumbtack
  44. Home Advisor
  45. ShowMeLocal
  47. Yellowbot
  48. Hotfrog
  49. Brownbook
  50. InsiderPages

2.)    Automated Listing Distribution

The paid counterpart to the first option, automating your business information management practically eliminates your time investment and chances of error. Rather than dozens of times, you only have to submit your client’s information to a database once. It is then redistributed farther than when that guy almost got his sister to name her baby “Megatron” to dozens or even thousands of publishers. By getting your client’s business information consistently and accurately placed on all of those websites, not only will they benefit from a rankings increase in the search results, you will also create new, valuable real-estate for them. Businesses that have listings in places like the YellowPages have more opportunities to be found both in the search engine results and by people searching in specific directories.

Automating Business Information Management with GaleForce

GaleForce Digital offers a comprehensive solution with LocalForce. By partnering with us, you’re able to deliver unparalleled business information management services to your clients with the support of a dedicated, experienced team. Schedule your free demo to learn how you can strengthen your off-site SEO strategy while creating new, recurring revenue streams by calling us at (866) 233-8499 or by filling out our contact form.

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