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Whether your business is a franchise group, a multi-location operator or a nationwide chain, managing local marketing efforts for all your many locations is a challenge–but it doesn’t have to be.  Gale Force Digital Technologies provides large footprint businesses with digital marketing tools scalable enough to roll out nationwide and flexible enough to fit the needs of individual locations.  Our solutions are rebrandable and resellable, so they are also ideal for businesses like media companies that already have sales teams and would like to integrate digital marketing solutions into their other product offerings.

LocalForce – Local Search Management

Dominating local search results just got a whole lot easier–and less expensive.  Having a presence in search engine maps and organic listings is critical for physical locations. Search engines determine the results by crawling the web for accurate business information. This means claiming a company’s listings and publishing its information on directory sites like YP and WhitePages is crucial to good search engine optimization (SEO), because even the slightest typo or inconsistency could hurt SEO. LocalForce is an automated tool that pushes a company’s information to more than 2,000 directories every month, guaranteeing accuracy and building an online presence for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Partner with Gale Force Digital to resell LocalForce through your sales team or franchise network and offer the most thorough and cost-effective way to dominate local search.

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ReForce – Review Generation + Reputation Management

It goes without saying that reviews and reputation have a major impact on a company’s bottom line. But keeping track of every review site for just one location, much less a hundred, is a daunting task. ReForce is the best solution available for managing reviews and improving reputation on sites such as Yelp, Google+, and more. ReForce is easy to use and highly effective in increasing overall star ratings and search engine visibility. It allows you to build and grow a company’s reputation by engaging customers for reviews and providing a seamless path for positive feedback to get shared online. ReForce helps to suppress negative feedback and keep it from being shared by routing it directly to the business so it can be addressed.  Whether you rebrand it for your franchises or national chain or resell it through your sales team, ReForce is the solution for improving online reputation and search rankings.

  • Pulls in each location’s reviews and ratings from third-party review sites

  • Initiates automated customer feedback process through email database

  • Happy customers are provided with an easy gateway to share their positive reviews

  • Automatically evaluates whether feedback is positive or negative and filters customers

  • Fast and easy to white label for franchises, chain operators and resellers

  • Upset customers are routed to a private landing page to share their dissatisfaction

  • Provides reporting that can be filtered by franchise, location, employee, rating and date

  • Automatically notifies corporate or franchise operations when new reviews are received

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ClickForce – Paid Search Advertising

Juggling paid search campaigns for multiple locations on multiple search engines is tedious, time-consuming and filled with repetitive tasks. Simplify management and maximize return on all your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns with a single user-friendly PPC manager.  ClickForce is a unique, self-optimizing paid search solution that automatically shifts ad budget to the keywords that are generating the best results, and does so for each location and each search engine–all at once.  ClickForce also records phone calls generated by PPC campaigns for monitoring and training purposes.   Partner with Gale Force Digital and roll out the most comprehensive and versatile paid search tool available to your entire franchise footprint or nationwide chain, or rebrand and resell ClickForce through your sales team and add new recurring revenue streams straight to your bottom line.

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MediaForce – Media Planning + Buying Software

For businesses with their own in-house media buying teams, GaleForce is pleased to present MediaForce, the new way to plan and buy media.  Media planners and buyers will love its modern SaaS interface and usability, and it includes all the usual features agencies have come to expect from old planners. Plan and place multiple media types and multiple markets on one worksheet, and route your orders to other buyers on the team for approval. Contact GaleForce Digital to find out how to move your in-house team away from those old planners and into this innovative new media tool for your business.

*MediaForce is not available for resale.

  • No set-up cost to agencies

  • Two hours of training included with each license

  • Integrates with Nielsen television and radio ratings

  • Unlimited document storage for insertion orders and avails

  • Each license includes four users, with additional seats available at a low price

  • Route IOs to be checked for accuracy by other users prior to sending

  • Place all major media types: TV, cable, radio, print, digital, and outdoor

  • Allows for unlimited advertisers, vendors, markets, campaigns and worksheets

  • Plan and buy multiple media types and multiple markets on a single worksheet

  • Unique and versatile media planner designed to be used with or without ratings

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