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GRPs: An Essential Media Buying Tool Needed in Any Media Buying Platform

Within MediaForce, you can execute buys for various media types in any market, all on the same page. Our interactive media buying Worksheet Functions allow you ebb and flow through the data (GRPs, GRIs, rates, costs, spots and more) with ease and agility, making your once-tedious tasks easily completed with just a few clicks of a button.

Some of our popular Worksheet Features include:

  • Electronic Avail Importing
  • Multi-Sort and Multi-Filter Options
  • Trend Forecasting and GRP Analysis
  • Multi-Media, Multi-Market Setup
  • Combined Reach and Frequency Formulas
  • Multiple Reporting Options

MediaForce was designed by media buyers, for media buyers with media buying in mind; it is evident in the user experience.  Whether you are placing spot buys with GRPs or moving toward a combined Impressions approach, we would love to share how MediaForce can help expedite your media buying tools and services.

With top-notch customer support backed by years of industry experience, the MediaForce team is ready to set your agency up for success!

MediaForce Media Buying
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