Media Planning

Media Planning Tools to Make Media Buying Simple

An essential piece of any good marketing strategy is a plan.  With the media planning tools in MediaForce, you can assemble media plans ahead of your media buys to ensure that goals are being accounted for.

In a traditional media workflow, the media plan comes first and often lays the groundwork, or goals, for the entire campaign.  The media plan dictates many things, including but not limited to:

  • Budget
  • Media Types/Media Mix
  • GRP/GRI Levels
  • Market Costs
  • Preferred Vendors

Once the media plan is put together in MediaForce, you can export the plan into a variety of different report layouts and flowchart options.  All of the media planning tool reports are client friendly and presentation ready.  You can also surface the media plan information internally in the Worksheet, as a reference tool for your media buys.

With this added media planning tool in MediaForce, your buys will be backed by logic and preparation.

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