May 25

MediaForce and Deltek Workbook

Streamline Your Agency’s Operations with Deltek WorkBook

We’ve partnered with Deltek WorkBook to provide media buyers one of the easiest ways to seamlessly integrate MediaForce’s media planning and buying with their project management workflow. But WorkBook’s features don’t end there; read on to learn how it can help streamline your entire agency’s operations.

One of the largest productivity issues agencies face is the ability to efficiently and accurately manage projects. Having manual processes for keeping track of deliverables, progress and timelines makes it difficult, if not impossible, to meet goals. Not to mention, it can lead to a whole slew of confusion and double work. WorkBook users avoid these pitfalls as they’re equipped with a set of best practice solutions built around total agency management constructed by industry veterans. And it isn’t just project management; it covers staffing and finance from end-to-end as well, giving your agency the level of actionable insight necessary to grow. For busy individuals who are always on the go, there’s even a mobile app. Let’s take a look at some of their key features that help media buyers (and entire agencies) become client-stunning rockstars.


Project Management

Many project managers have endured the tedium and drudgery of keeping track of projects with spreadsheets, but they shouldn’t have to. WorkBook makes it easy to:

  • Slice and dice data with over 300 built-in reports
  • Roll out features over time to ensure high comprehension and adoption
  • Flexibly manage tasks with Kanban boards and calendar integrations
  • Track and submit time
  • Interface with clients who can submit requests and view progress



Perhaps the only thing more difficult than managing projects is being able to measure if they’re profitable. WorkBook’s finance module allows agencies to determine if real-world profitability is in line with projections. Finance teams can:

  • Generate granular reports to evaluate financial performance at the project, task or employee level
  • View all costs when generating invoices
  • Forecast revenue and assist account teams in staying on track
  • Create invoices and purchase orders, maintaining an accurate view of cash flow


Your agency’s most valuable asset is its human resources, so why not manage it that way? WorkBook project managers can accurately predict staff availability and optimally allocate resources by:

  • Forecasting your team’s capacity weeks or months in advance
  • Identifying opportunities to outsource tasks
  • Avoiding staff overwork and burnout


WorkBook + MediaForce

By combining WorkBook with MediaForce, agencies are able to track media costs and make payments directly within WorkBook’s accounting system. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Preventing disparities between media costs and payments
  • More accurately invoicing for media buys
  • Having a single source of information and reporting on your entire media buying process from start to finish
  • Spending more time focusing on optimizing campaigns for the best results


Want to Help Grow Your Agency?

Whether you’re a media buyer, project manager or work in finance at an agency, you can provide your team with the tools they need to focus on what’s important: delivering unparalleled service to your clients. You can schedule a demo to learn more about WorkBook’s capabilities by visiting Deltek’s website.



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