If you’re looking for the right report for your media flowchart, SmartReports has you covered.

All the data in the world will yield no pertinent results if you are lacking the ability to properly extract and summarize said data in a way beneficial to your client. New from GaleForce Digital Technologies’ MediaForce media planning and buying platform comes SmartReports, a tool that creates customizable dynamic reports from any reportable metric. Variable date ranges? SmartReports does it. Multiple advertisers and campaigns?  That too. Anything else you could possibly think of? SmartReports invariably has it covered.

MediaForce SmartReport

A Tool Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen

Capable of direct data exports, along with various summaries and interactive sections, SmartReports provides the ideal user experience for media planners and buyers. The module allows you to dictate what needs to be seen and to pull any range of data for your report. Whether it’s a particular advertiser, campaign, time period or vendor you’re looking for, SmartReports will ensure your media flowchart is populated with the exact mixture of information sought. It’s like pulling infinite rabbits out of the same hat. Pretty nifty, if we do say so ourselves.


The Difference Between SmartReports and Typical Reporting

Typical software is static, only allowing you to look at one campaign and one advertiser at a time. Fortunately for you, SmartReports by MediaForce is anything but typical. Any data you input into MediaForce can be pulled out with SmartReports in any combination or format. SmartReports is guaranteed to save you a lot of time creating your media flowcharts. And a lot of pulled out hair. Maybe a life or two, figuratively speaking.


Let Us Help You Upgrade Now

We know you like what you’re hearing, so it’s time to see SmartReports in action. Request a free demo of GaleForce Digital Technologies’ MediaForce today. Once you get your hands on MediaForce and its unique tools, including SmartReports, you will put your old media planning and buying software to bed.

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