Online Reputation Management

Get Ahead of the Competition with Online Reputation Management

It only takes a few key strokes and the pass of a button for someone to damage your clients’ online reputation. Small business owners know the power of online reviews all too well, and understand consumer perception can make or break their success. Yelp, Google, Glassdoor, TripAdvisor and the countless other review websites greatly benefit consumers, yet they can put businesses at the mercy of customer sentiment. Fortunately, there are now tools available that allow your clients to gain some control over their online reputation. Here’s how online reputation management can get your clients ahead of their competition.

What Comprises Online Reputation Management?

Whether it’s a rave review or an unfortunate misunderstanding, customers today share their criticisms online. The digital world is filled with opportunities for customers to give feedback, submit a review or rate a business or service, making the internet flooded with opinions. Online reputation management is the process of managing these positive and negative reviews, so your clients can better protect themselves and take control of online conversations.

Where Does Online Reputation Management Come into Play?

In a digital world, websites are a customer’s first stop for everything. Consumers rely on reviews before making purchase decisions, and studies have shown that they trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations. Online reputation management uses strategies to create customer feedback, alert businesses when harmful content is posted and allow businesses to put their best foot forward. Online reputation management services work around the clock to survey the internet, monitoring and identifying issues and opportunities that allow a business to build trust and credibility.

Online Reputation Management Leads to Tangible Results

Optimizing your clients’ online presence by promoting positive, professional content allows this information to be readily available to consumers. Therefore, a properly managed online reputation will drive traffic, leading to increased sales. It is obvious that positive reviews are prime content for businesses, however customers appreciate businesses that have stepped in to address negative reviews and tried to fix the issue. Online reputation management services allow businesses to address these potentially harmful reviews before they escalate into larger problems. Another factor of online reviews is their value to search engines and their ability to put a business at the top of the results page. Businesses with consistent, relevant and unique customer reviews will increase their search engine results ranking, since this type of content is highly useful to consumers and therefore, prioritized by search engines.

How to Get Started Managing Your Online Reputation

Partner with GaleForce Digital to give your clients or franchises the best tools available in online reputation management. Our online review generation and reputation management tool, ReForce, allows your clients to take control of their online reputation to maximize positive customer feedback and easily manage potentially harmful reviews. ReForce is a completely rebrandable solution to offer clients and franchises with flexible settings so your clients can create a system that works best for their needs. Talk to a GaleForce Digital representative to get started managing your clients’ online reputation by calling (866) 233-8499.