Developing a Media Plan Outline Will Make Your Life Easier

media plan outline

There are many steps that go into executing a media buy, and a media plan outline is the go-to tool to help your agency stay organized throughout the process. It sets the stage for the entire campaign, allowing your agency the advantage of streamlining media buys and reporting data in one centralized location. No matter if you are a mom and pop shop or an expansive agency, all advertisers rely on media plan outlines as a blueprint for maximizing agency time and man power.

Juggling Numbers

Analyzing bids and placing media buys is a huge time commitment for your agency, in which there are many chances for errors in calculations and typos while inputting data. Manually doing all these calculations is daunting while trying to keep up with client needs and meeting deadlines. Media plan outlines offer formulas that take this busy work out of the equation, and save your agency the time and potential frustration involved with these tedious tasks.

All the Tools in One Box

A major time saving component of media plan outlines is that they can be integrated with different forms necessary for the media buy to be finished. A robust outline will allow advertisers the ability to route IOs throughout the agency for approval, import invoices for reconciliation, compare achieved ratings and perform buys across many types of mass media. These features make everyone’s lives easier and create a smooth process from start to finish.

Behind the Scenes

Agencies can leverage media plan outlines to not only save time and effort, but to also impress clients with excellent results. They offer an agency the framework to consistently move forward and streamline company procedures. Your clients will benefit from this higher level of organization and see the results as their budgets are spent on more effective campaigns.

Modern Agencies Choose GaleForceMedia

When choosing which media plan outline is right for your agency, consult with a GaleForce Digital representative about GaleForceMedia. Our easy-to-use cloud-based media planning and buying software, GaleForceMedia, simplifies the entire process with unique tools that will help your agency take campaigns beyond expectations. GaleForceMedia is a flexible option where you can plan and buy all major mass media types, such as TV, cable, radio, print and outdoor, while analyzing and comparing programs, dayparts, vendors and other variables. For more information on the ways in which GaleForceMedia can improve the efficiency of your agency, call (866) 233-8499 for a free demo today.