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GaleForce Digital Technologies is a proud partner and software service provider of both Nielsen data and Comscore data. The tried-and-true television and radio metrics provided by Nielsen for over 70 years, coupled with the more recent contributions of Comscore in the digital/internet realm, as well as television, comprise a well-rounded picture of the ratings landscape across all major media types. GaleForceMedia, GaleForce’s revolutionary media planning and buying software, integrates Nielsen and Comscore results, providing an easier and more prolific planning and buying experience.

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Nielsen Global Media provides data for both the television and radio industries. Nielsen data has been around since the 1940s and was developed by Arthur C. Nielsen. The Nielsen data measurements have a variety of methodologies, both for television and radio measurement in households across the U.S, but the most notable metrics include ratings data and share data.

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Comscore provides data for television measurement, as well as a variety of other industries such as digital/internet. Comscore was founded in 1999, and with the Rentrak merger 2015, has been increasing their market share ever since. Like Nielsen, Comscore also provides ratings and share information for U.S. TV Households in 210 Designated Market Areas (DMAs).


GaleForce Digital Technologies provides modern, results-minded solutions to the long-standing problems of buying and transacting media. We are using yesterday’s concerns to be thoughtful of tomorrow’s needs and building SaaS platforms with more agility and user-friendly interfaces that are rendering older media and marketing systems extinct. The concerns of modern media buyers are finally being addressed in the form of research and development of software that better serves its users. Here are some of the ways we are enhancing the experience of our media buying solutions.

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We are working with Ampersand (formerly National Cable Communications) for the benefit of promoting the business of local spot cable buying by offering our mutual clients access to updated System/Zone and Network cable listings in our platforms. This integration includes the ability to upload avails from the cable systems across all US markets and the ability to place, report and track media spend in broadcast cable.

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We’ve partnered with Basis in order to provide our GaleForceMedia users with data from their programmatic advertising campaigns, allowing them to view placements and performance metrics for their display, video, and audio buys. Basis’ demand-side platform (DSP) offers algorithmic and machine-learning optimization which maximizes reach, clicks, or web-based conversions.

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Media Insights, our spot-attribution feature for GaleForceMedia, is powered by Google Analytics and allows media buyers to align website traffic trends with their ad placements. Gain deeper insight into the relationship between your spots and visitor behavior, including important metrics such as bounce rate, pages per session, session duration, and conversions such as form submissions.

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We are thrilled to launch our first integration broadcast ad platform, WideOrbit, in 2021. This feature will allow clients to send broadcast orders to their stations electronically, as well as receive electronic confirmations and send/receive Makegood offers from those broadcast stations who use the WideOrbit station inventory tracking platform.


We've partnered with several accounting software providers to deliver end-to-end invoicing, accounts receivable, bill pay, and overall financial tracking. We currently offer integrations with Clients & Profits, Deltek Workbook, QuickBooks, Workamajig, and Xero.

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