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Ginny Allumbaugh, Anderson Partners
"The software is saving our agency money without losing any productivity."
Mike Pursel, Pursel Advertising
"We were spending over $17,000 per year with our other software company. Comparing them with GaleForceMedia? There's no comparison. GaleForceMedia does exactly what we need for much less."
Jennifer Cardwell, Milek Media
"So easy and straightforward. It seems to have all the features that we would need / want. Have been able to jump right in and use without many questions at all. Worksheet and report options are great and very thorough. Really enjoying!"
Chris Sommella, Strategic Marketing
"It can really expedite the planning/buying process. It's just easier to maneuver around and create buys. I can probably do two or three buys in the time it used to take me to do one in SmartPlus. Excellent experience so far."

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