Comparing Media Planning and Buying Software to GaleForceMedia

There are many media planning and buying software options on the market, which can be overwhelming when trying to decide which is the best choice for you and your team. GaleForceMedia has decided to break down just a few of its competitors to demonstrate how we are the premier choice for media buyers and agencies everywhere.

GaleForceMedia v. Strata

Strata is a major media planning and buying platform, but one of the biggest downfalls is that it is not independently owned. FreeWheel controls Strata and several other platforms, which is beneficial if you are using them, but it can be tough to integrate Strata with other systems needed for media buying. Not only that, Strata is the most expensive of the options we are listing in this blog, so it is not the ideal option among smaller agencies or buyers.

GaleForceMedia v. Mediaocean

Mediaocean, another mainstream media planning and buying platform, has several other capabilities within its software. This can be a positive when you are working on other aspects of your advertising and marketing plan, but for media buyers and media-only agencies, it can be too much to deal with, especially when you have to switch to different tools to complete your media plan. Additionally, with features you aren’t fully taking advantage of, it can be like throwing money down the drain.

GaleForceMedia v. Advantage

The final media planning and buying solution we will touch on is Advantage. The main downfall of Advantage is that it simply looks outdated. Without a fresh, easy-to-use interface, users may be turned off from using it altogether. They also do not have a recommendations capability, which is crucial – and a huge help – for planning out the next quarter or even year of media buys.

Choose GaleForceMedia

Now that we’ve covered the cons, let’s focus on the pros of choosing GaleForceMedia as your media planning and buying software. To start, we have an attractive, user-friendly interface welcoming you upon logging in.

“GaleForce has allowed us to grow our media practice. We can handle more workload, improve workflow, and provide better analysis to clients without adding to our work force.”

Our experienced developers and staff have tremendous knowledge about the industry, and respond to customer queries and concerns in no time while continuously enhancing the software. One of the greatest advantages is that you talk to a live person, no chatbots or overseas representatives, making it a very personable, friendly experience.

Within GaleForceMedia, we have several integrations with other tools, including Ampersand, to conveniently import and export files to reps without having to manually enter information, and our own Mediainsights integration with Google Analytics that tracks your buys with web hits.

GaleForceMedia is a proven software that can attend to your media planning and buying needs. With our integrations, attentive staff, and simplified platform, you can take your media buying to a whole new level. Contact us today to get a free demo of GaleForceMedia.

“I would definitely recommend GaleForce to media buyers as a media buying platform.”

(Quotes are from actual client responses to a survey)