Modern Agencies Can’t Compete Without Media Buying Software

Is your agency still using Excel spreadsheets to create and manage media planning? You should consider migrating to media buying software that eliminates excess work involved in building spreadsheets and the potential for a bad formula to result in an unpleasant and costly surprise. Modern media planning software enables top agencies like Strategic Marketing to streamline practices and for team members to collaborate with one another and quickly access real-time reports. If your agency has not already integrated media planning software, you are likely to suffer from one or more of the following issues:

Your Media Plans Are Scattered All Over the Place

Without media planning and buying software, your clients’ media buys are likely scattered across Excel spreadsheets, hidden in emails or in various files in your desk. Tracking your media plans amid this chaos can take a major toll on the agency’s ability to succeed and deliver on the clients’ needs. Instead of chasing paper and disorganized digital files, provide your team with media buying and planning software that puts all traditional and digital media activities in one central, easily accessible online location.

Your Team is Disjointed and Not Up-to-Date

Media buying software enables your employees to collaborate via a web-based platform for real-time teamwork. This allows your staff to easily track activity, communication and keep everyone updated, which results in higher productivity. It also gives your team centralized document storage for insertion orders and avails, and allows for expedited reconciliations after campaigns.

You’re Wasting Time Creating and Editing Reports

Data can frequently change, and if your employees are constantly having to make updates, re-do calculations and format reports, then this is costing your agency time and money. Real-time reporting functions allow your employees to quickly check the status of your clients’ budgets, set and manage deadlines and adjust campaigns as needed.

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