Will a Free Media Plan Template Work for Me?

Choosing to use a free media plan template can save you a bit of time when planning your clients’ media buys. It will help you organize your numbers and give the planning process some structure. However, these free templates can only go so far. Sometimes it’s in the best interest of the client to opt for a comprehensive program designed solely for media planning and buying. This will provide you the tools and resources that you need to work in the most efficient way possible. Since this is an important decision to make, here are a few things to consider when deciding if a free media plan template is right for you.

Excel Has Limitations

If you’re downloading a free media plan template, chances are you’re heading for an Excel spreadsheet. While Excel is a powerful software, it has its fair share of limitations. While it can be a good launching point to get your media buys together, you may find yourself even more disorganized as you shuffle between several tabs and charts. This can be avoided by using a tool that presents all of the information in one place, designed to compare multiple media types on a single worksheet. This will give you a better visual when determining the right buys for your client’s target audience.

No Cross-Analysis Functionality

If you’re planning to dive deep into the caves of media planning, cross-analysis of the variables associated with each medium will help considerably. Downloading a template won’t let you compare programs, stations, dayparts, vendors, web publishers and other variables to alternatives within respective categories. If you see this as an important function, choose media planning software that has the technology to make cross-analysis a seamless and simple operation.

Integration with Data Providers

Rating points are imperative when you’re developing a media plan for your clients. Opting for a free media plan template will likely have you scouring external sources for rating points in order to determine audience sizes for each media option. The process can be streamlined by utilizing a platform that integrates with reputable data providers, such as Nielsen, displaying television and radio ratings within its very own interface.

Choose GaleForceMedia– A Versatile Media Planning Software from GaleForce Digital

If your clients require something a little more robust than a free media plan template, choose GaleForceMedia, a powerful media planning solution from GaleForce Digital Technologies. Our platform offers an easy-to-use, web-based interface that will streamline and scale your media planning process. You can plan and buy all mass media types, as well as analyze and compare programs in one virtual location. Start using GaleForceMedia by contacting us today at (866) 233-8499.