Craft the Perfect Media Mix with the Right Media Planning Tools

Any good business professional knows that by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. The media planning process is a key discipline when it comes to developing the most successful and cost effective media mix for your clients. There are several tools that you can utilize to arm your agency with the capabilities and information it needs to build comprehensive media campaigns for clients. If you want your clients to see a significant return on investment, you must be using the right tools to do so. Below are some attributes of the right media planning tools that can help you craft the perfect media mix.

Everything in One Place

Using separate spreadsheets for each media type and specific market can needlessly lengthen the media planning process while giving you a headache. Fortunately, this can all be avoided if you use a tool that presents all of the important information in one place. The right media planning tools will allow you to compare multiple media types against each other on a single worksheet. This will give you a clear visual to determine the most cost-effective means of delivering your client’s message to its target audience.

Cross Analysis

A worthy media planning tool will allow for the cross-analysis of the variables associated with each individual medium. For example, programs, stations, dayparts, vendors, web publishers and other variables should be compared to alternatives within their own category. The right media planning tools will make this information available in a way that highlights the definitive goal of choosing the most effective option within a given media type.

Using Rating Points to Score Effective Media Options

Rather than scouring external sources for the rating points associated with potential media options, a good media planning tool will integrate with a notable data provider, such as Nielsen. This integration will display the rating points that correlate with each respective media option, allowing you to effectively determine the best opportunity for your clients. Media planning tools that display television and radio ratings within its own interface will enhance your ability to compare the advertising strength of the components related to your media plan.

The Next Evolution in Media Planning Tools and Buying Software – GaleForceMedia

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