Nielsen and Comscore Data

Nielsen Data and Comscore Data: Critical Measures of Success

GaleForce Digital Technologies is a proud partner and software service provider of both Nielsen data and Comscore data. The tried-and-true television and radio metrics provided by Nielsen for over 70 years, coupled with the more recent contributions of Comscore in the digital/internet realm, as well as television, comprise a well-rounded picture of the ratings landscape across all major media types. MediaForce, GaleForce’s revolutionary media planning and buying software, integrates Nielsen and Comscore results, providing an easier and more prolific planning and buying experience.


About Nielsen

Nielsen Global Media provides data for both the television and radio industries. Nielsen data has been around since the 1940s and was developed by Arthur C. Nielsen. The Nielsen data measurements have a variety of methodologies, both for television and radio measurement in households across the U.S. But the most notable metrics include ratings data and share data.


About Comscore

Comscore provides data for television measurement, as well as a variety of other industries such as digital/internet. Comscore was founded in 1999, and with the Rentrak merger 2015, has been increasing their market share ever since. Like Nielsen, Comscore also provides ratings and share information for U.S. TV Households in 210 Designated Market Areas (DMAs).


MediaForce Does Data Integration Right

With over 300 million television viewers across 100 million homes in the US., media measurement from Nielsen and Comscore is vital to ensure accuracy and efficiency in your media planning and buying strategies. To make critical decisions that can change a campaign’s trajectory, you need the right media and planning software at your fingertips.

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