Does Your Digital Media Planning Software Need an Update?

The media plan is where it all begins. This important stage of your advertising agenda is where you begin building a strong foundation for the execution of your clients’ media campaigns. Given the challenges of buying media today, there are software solutions to streamline media planning and buying to increase productivity moving forward. Your agency likely has several digital media planning tools at its disposal, but are they all up for the challenge? The capabilities of the tools used in the digital media field are evolving all of the time, so the digital media planning software that you deploy for your clients must be up to date. Read on to learn about a few tell-tale signs that your digital media planning software is need of a refresh.

Your Digital Media Planning Software is Not Web-Based

Digital media planning software that is capable of being accessed remotely will increase your agency’s responsiveness and help you more efficiently serve your clients. Having to install software onto all of your computers will leave you bound to their specific locations when accessing your media planning tools. Rather, opt for a web-based platform that will enable you to work on your clients’ media plans from virtually anywhere.

You’re Not Utilizing a Single Worksheet

If your current software has all of your clients’ media buys scattered all over the place, lacking organization and comprehensiveness, then it might be time for an update. Advanced media planning software will allow you to plan and buy multiple media types and multiple markets on a single worksheet. Being forced to access your clients’ media plans via Excel spreadsheets and multiple tabs should be a thing of the past. Update your software to a solution that is powerful enough to keep everything you need in one central location.

Your Software Doesn’t Handle Digital Campaigns

Employing digital media planning software that can handle your clients’ online campaigns as well as your traditional media will keep you from navigating to several different platforms for information that should be quickly accessible. Updating your software to a tool that can streamline this process by allowing you to plan your clients’ digital campaigns in conjunction with more traditional marketing channels will help you to better meet their needs. Cutting-edge media planning software incorporates digital campaign planning with your broadcast insertion orders, all in one place.

Update Your Software to GaleForce Digital – GaleForceMedia

If your software is in dire need of an upgrade, choose the GaleForce Digital media buying SaaS, GaleForceMedia. This versatile, web-based solution employs all of the capabilities that you just read about and more, allowing you to plan and buy all mass media types in one place. To update your digital media planning software to GaleForceMedia, visit our contact page today or give us a call at (866) 233-8499.