Marketing Technology for Agencies

Faster, cheaper, better—finally you can have all three

Graduate to a media buying solution that actually is faster, cheaper, and better than outdated legacy systems. At the same time, expand your services with rebrandable and resellable marketing technology. As an advertising agency, you want to be a one-stop shop for anything and everything your clients need regarding marketing and advertising.  As a business, you need to be able to grow your bottom line as you help your clients grow theirs.  GaleForce Digital provides you with solutions for all of these challenges.

MediaForce – Media Planning + Buying Software

Designed by media buyers for media buyers, agency teams will love MediaForce, our breakthrough web-based media planning software. As a modern SaaS, MediaForce includes all the usual features agencies have come to expect, but with a much more intuitive user interface that gives users the ability to replicate tasks quickly. MediaForce also allows you to work with multiple media types and multiple markets on a single worksheet, as well as route orders to other team members for proofing. Contact GaleForce Digital to find out how you increase your staff’s productivity by leveraging this innovative and affordable media planning tool for your agency.

*MediaForce is not available for resale.

  • No set-up cost to agencies
  • Two hours of training included with each license
  • Integrates with Nielsen television and radio ratings
  • Unlimited document storage for insertion orders and avails
  • Each license includes four users, with additional seats available at a low price
  • Route IOs to be checked for accuracy by other users prior to sending
  • Place all major media types: TV, cable, radio, print, digital, and outdoor
  • Plan and buy multiple media types and multiple markets on a single worksheet
  • Allows for unlimited advertisers, vendors, markets, campaigns and worksheets
  • Unique and versatile media planner designed to be used with or without ratings
business marketing solution

LocalForce – Local Search Management

Increasing a client’s online visibility requires the painstaking task of updating directory listings, which means investing a lot of agency man hours.  LocalForce hurdles that tedious obstacle with automation, and does it for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. LocalForce builds an online presence for your clients by distributing their unique business information to more than 2,000 directories and data providers.  As thorough as your account managers may be, LocalForces’ marketing technology exceeds that level of accuracy by automating the update process and ensuring that the data being distributed is exactly the same across all major directories, apps and GPS systems. LocalForce allows you to provide effective and cost-efficient local search management without having to add to your payroll.

ClickForce – Paid Search Advertising

Are your clients’ PPC campaigns generating clicks but not conversions? Wouldn’t it be great if you had a platform that automatically optimized to the keywords that were generating the best results?  ClickForce works 24/7 to ensure your PPC campaigns are producing the most revenue without overpaying for keywords.  Track KPIs such as impressions, clicks, phone calls and sales.  ClickForce even records the calls your PPC ads are generating for mystery shopping and training purposes.  ClickForce can be completely white-labeled so your clients have access to its user-friendly reporting and campaign insights, while you maintain your agency branding.

ReForce – Review Generation + Reputation Management

When a client asks you how to combat negative reviews on Yelp or other review sites, now you can give them the right answer.  GaleForce Digital helps you deliver the best solution possible to your clients with ReForce, a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use, reputation management system.  ReForce covers all of the bases when it comes to review generation and reputation management.  Help your clients suppress negative reviews by routing customer comments back to the business to be addressed. At the same time, ReForce builds and maintains their online reputations by generating positive reviews through customer engagement.  Positive reviews have a major impact on search engine results, and now you can improve your clients’ SEO while you improve their reputation with ReForce marketing technology.
  • Automates the customer feedback loop
  • Fast and easy to white-label — make ReForce “your” product
  • Addresses negative feedback through a private landing page
  • Provides a gateway for happy customers to share their reviews on third party-review sites
  • Improves your clients’ search engine rankings with positive reviews
  • Automatically notifies the business owner when new reviews are received
  • Generates reporting that can be filtered by employee, rating, and time period
  • Automatically sends notifications to the account manager regarding your client’s activities
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