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Media planners and buyers around the world have experienced the frustrations that come with building schedules on a spreadsheet or battling with an obsolete interface with all the visual appeal of a DOS prompt. Those days are over, because media planning and buying software is finally getting a makeover. MediaForce is a web-based tool designed by media buyers for media buyers. No more wondering where to look for dayparts or data–it’s all laid out in an easy-to-use user interface. MediaForce is scalable, flexible and will work for virtually any size agency, from the boutique shop to the Madison Avenue powerhouse. Stop trying to force your old planner to do what it wasn’t built to do, like work remotely or handle digital campaigns. MediaForce is the new way to plan and buy media.

Get the ease-of-use of a modern SaaS with the robust features of a legacy media planner:

  • Integrates with Nielsen television and radio ratings
  • Plan and buy all major mass media types: TV, cable, radio, print and outdoor

  • Allows for unlimited advertisers, vendors, markets, campaigns and worksheets

  • Unique and versatile media planner designed to be used with or without ratings

  • Provides the flexibility to build orders for virtually all forms of digital display media

  • Import invoices for easy reconciliation after schedules run
  • Unlimited document storage for insertion orders and avails
  • Post-buy feature lets users post achieved ratings against projected ratings

  • Plan and buy multiple media types and multiple markets on a single worksheet

  • Analyzer tool allows users to compare programs, dayparts, vendors and other variables

Designed for the Modern Agency

While perhaps powerful in their capabilities, the legacy media planners still in use today simply have not kept up with the times.  MediaForce answers that by delivering a media planner with a modern navigation tool unique to media planning software.  We worked closely with experienced media planners to incorporate and develop features to help the industry meet today’s challenges. Our clean and easy-to-use web-based interface is a welcome disruption to the complacency that has resigned media buyers to using software 20 years past its prime. Unlike with those legacy planners, users will not be stuck in a time warp of outdated features and design; as a software company, GaleForce Digital is invested in research and development as a core principle. MediaForce meets and exceeds the standard features offered by competing solutions while boasting a range of features not available anywhere else.

  • No set-up cost to the agency
  • Two hours of free training included

  • Each license starts with four users included

  • Additional seats available at an affordable price
  • Powerful and easy-to-track goaling options

  • Robust and unique planner tool for campaign strategy development

  • Route IOs to be proofed for accuracy by other users prior to being sent

  • Create campaigns by broadcast or calendar month, or anything in between

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