Provides advertising agencies with a modern and feature-rich SaaS tool for media planning and buying.

Media planning and buying software does not have to be locked in the Jurassic period.  MediaForce is the evolution of media planning and buying–a modern and flexible tool with a user-friendly interface and a feature set robust enough to accommodate virtually any size agency.  Some legacy planners are still boasting all the usability of 20-year-old programs, while others are finally being sent into retirement.  MediaForce steps into the gap with a SaaS solution that can fulfill the functions of legacy planners while delivering new features and a streamlined workflow process. Our commitment to ongoing R&D means MediaForce will always be modern and current.  Learn how your agency can leverage the latest in media planning buying with the most flexible tool available.

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Expands a company’s online presence and guarantees that primary data providers have accurate business information.

Build a continually expanding online presence for your clients or franchisees by distributing their unique business information to thousands of directories and data providers. As diligent as a business can be to ensure all of its information is up to date with as many online resources as possible, there is no clear, direct way to be assured that the primary data providers have your correct information…until now.  LocalForce integrates with the largest data providers in the world–everything from in-car GPS systems to telephone directory assistance–and grants direct control of a company’s information within these massive databases. Rebrand LocalForce as your own and offer your clients or locations a way to publish business listings with more than 2,000 publishers across the internet.

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Manages and optimizes paid search campaigns across all major search engines, including Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

There’s more to pay-per-click (PPC) than Google Adwords. ClickForce is a proprietary search engine marketing platform that manages PPC campaigns across all of the major search engines, including Google, Yahoo! and Bing. ClickForce is the only platform available that can track phone calls, emails, form fills and conversions back to the keywords that generated them. Armed with this valuable data, ClickForce takes it one step further by using this data to automatically optimize for the keywords that generate proven results. Leverage ClickForce as a training tool to improve customer service by reviewing recordings of phone calls generated from your campaign. Partner with Gale Force Digital and offer your clients or businesses the most versatile paid search solution available.

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Provides a seamless path for positive reviews to get published online while routing negative reviews back to the business to be addressed.

ReForce is a review generation and reputation management platform designed to help businesses take control of their reputations and grow their internet presence by generating positive reviews. Most businesses have no way of quantifying the impact that online reviews, whether positive or negative, can have on the bottom line, and often need a better and simpler process for managing customer feedback. Research has shown that an increase of just one star in a company’s rating can yield a 25% increase in revenue! ReForce takes the guesswork out of managing online reputation by offering a suite of tools flexible enough to automate the process and versatile enough to adapt to any unique requirements. Give your clients or your company’s locations the edge in reputation management with this cutting-edge digital marketing solution. Find out how you can rebrand ReForce for your agency or business.

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