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MediaInsights, Powered by Google Analytics, Easily Correlates Between Broadcast Schedules and Web Traffic

MediaInsights: Uniquely Ready for the Challenge

New to GaleForce Digital’s MediaForce SaaS platform for media planning and buying, the MediaInsights module is a unique tool that simplifies media unlike any other offering on the market. Using MediaInsights, which is powered by Google Analytics, users can overlay their broadcast schedules with their advertiser’s web traffic, thereby discovering any assimilation (correlation) between the two pieces of data.


Making Life Easier and Clients Happier

Google Analytics’ Users, Page Views and Sessions are the three key pieces of data MediaInsights employs to accomplish its goals. Armed with this information, users will discover whether their broadcast schedules are adding incremental lift to their web traffic results. MediaInsights features a direct API integration from Google Analytics to remove the guesswork and simplify the user experience. A user need only import his or her electronic broadcast invoices, as usual, then link the advertisers in the system. The results yield a better understanding of which media placement provides the best results for a client, as well as improve budgeting and ROI, all the while showing the client the value of the media buys being made for them. These results are displayed in presentation-quality graphs, ready for the client to view. In an extremely user-friendly format, MediaInsights helps agencies accomplish goals, make informed decisions regarding placement of ads and satisfy clients today to ensure they will be yours to impress tomorrow.


Let MediaInsights Impress You Today

You’ve read what MediaInsights can do. Now it’s time to see it in action. Request a free demo of MediaForce today and discover the power of the SaaS media platform constructed By Media Buyers for Media Buyers™. With tools like MediaInsights in tow, you and your clients will soon be reaping the benefits.

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