Invoice Reconciliation

MediaForce: Empowering Your Reconciliations with Advanced Media Audit Capabilities

Invoice Reconciliation: Conventionally a Time-Consuming Process

Invoice reconciliation is a necessary part of the media planning and buying process. In performing a media audit, you are able to confirm the spot days and times you paid for are the ones you in fact received. This audit ensures that your client’s money was properly invested toward increasing brand awareness for their desired target audience. Traditionally, invoice reconciliation has been a time-consuming process, sometimes involving invoices that have hundreds of lines and require manual verification.

MediaForce Invoice

Time-Saving Help Has Arrived

Spending too much time on background details can detract from the goals in the foreground. That’s why MediaForce, by GaleForce Digital Technologies, is here to simplify your media planning and buying processes, giving you the most time to devote to satisfying client demands. With traditional software, conducting a reconciliation (or media audit) of broadcast media – TV, Cable, or Radio – can eat up a large chunk of your valuable time. This is where MediaForce can step in and make life infinitely easier.

The MediaForce Difference

How does MediaForce simplify your media audit? The ace up MediaForce’s sleeve is that it allows for the electronic importation of invoices. These invoices are in a special format that allows MediaForce to import that data and match the information to the Insertion Order. This matching results in an easy-to-follow report that provides detailed verification that the planned spots ran or did not run. For non-broadcast invoices (Print, Outdoor, Digital, etc.), the manual entry is devoid of spot days and times, allowing for quick and easy completion. MediaForce’s unique benefits best serve you, allowing you to in turn best serve your clients and their ever-changing demands. With less time needed to complete ongoing reconciliations, you can accomplish more than ever before, thanks to MediaForce.


There’s No Turning Back Now

Ready to discover what MediaForce can do for your business? Request a free demo today and find out just how perfect the platform designed By Media Buyers for Media Buyers™ is for you. A few minutes is all you need to discover how one purchase can make all your future buys much easier!

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