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Modern Agencies Can’t Compete Without Media Buying Software

Is your agency still using Excel spreadsheets to create and manage media planning? You should consider migrating to media buying software that eliminates excess work involved in building spreadsheets and the potential for a bad formula to result in an unpleasant and costly surprise. Modern media planning software enables agencies to streamline practices and for …

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Media Buying Tools

Which Media Buying Tools Do I Need for My Agency? The kind of media buying tools your advertising agency needs for media planning largely depends on what kind of clients your agency serves. Some agencies specialize in branding and awareness; other firms have found their niche in direct response. Further, some agencies place national campaigns …

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Media Planning Software

The Features Needed By Today’s Agencies Using the most common media planning software still on the market today is like traveling back in time with Marty McFly. If it isn’t one network-based software with all the sex appeal of a DOS prompt, then it’s probably another 30 year old program that only recently transcended the astral …

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