Why Consistency is Key When it comes to Directory Listings

Regardless of industry, your clients are competing for high rankings on search engine results pages, and being featured on trusted directory listings will give them a significant advantage. However, the information included in the listings must be kept up to date and managed on a consistent basis. Since local SEO should always be a priority for those selling products or services locally, both online and offline, this information needs to be complete and accurate. The local details of a business are subject to change over time, so its directory listings will have to keep up with these changes. Below are several reasons why consistently keeping listings up to date will improve your clients’ local SEO.

Search Engines Care a Lot

Search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, are quite perceptive when it comes to directory listings. They will pick up on inconsistent information that does not reflect the most updated information for a business. In order to perform well in search engines results, you will have to make sure that every point of information entered into directories on behalf of your clients is aligned. Search engines will deem inconsistent information as inaccurate, resulting in your clients’ website becoming lost among competitors in their industry.

Reliable NAPS Yield Better Results

Your client’s NAP (name, address and phone number) is a crucial aspect of directory listings, but it is useless if the information is not precise. In order to see improvements in local SEO, your clients’ NAP information will have to be kept up to date. Business names, addresses and phone numbers can change over time, so your online listings will need to be managed regularly. Directories—and your clients’ potential customers—should be aware of the company’s current NAP. This will help to increase local rankings on the search engine results page and ensure customers have the correct information.

The Details Matter

When it comes to directory listings, sweating the small stuff might not be the worst idea. Even the seemingly insignificant pieces of information about your clients’ business play a major role in the effectiveness of online listings. This means that in addition to keeping your clients’ information accurate, it will help to provide as much information as possible about their business. Results will improve in search engines as long as you keep feeding them reliable data. Utilizing these listings to offer the internet vital information regarding your clients’ business is a surefire way to improve their local SEO. If the information is accurate and plentiful, you’re bound to reap the results that you want. Paying attention to the small details such as typos, ensuring that characters are typed into the proper fields, and consistently updating the listings will contribute to your clients’ success.

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