Four Strategies for Taking Charge of Your Online Reputation

The internet is a prospective customer’s first stop before making a purchase decision. Today’s digital world presents countless opportunities for customers to give feedback, submit a review or rate a business or service. So with only a few key strokes, anyone could make or break your client’s online reputation. However, taking a strategic approach to online reputation management can help your clients overcome these obstacles and get ahead of their competition. Here are our top four strategies for taking charge of your clients’ online reputation.

Go Social

Take the time to join complete your profiles on all the top social media sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. You do not have to devote countless hours to these social media networks; however, you want to make sure your clients’ profile descriptions are accurate and you are posting or sharing relevant content at least once a month. Search engines favor these popular social media websites, giving them high domain authority white contributing to higher search rankings.

Keeping Tabs on Your Online Reputation 24/7

Your clients’ online reputation needs to be managed around the clock, but it does not have to be a full-time job for your agency. Online reputation management tools ease a lot of this leg work and are able to constantly survey the internet, monitoring issues and opportunities that can help your clients build trust and credibility. Tools such as Google Alerts allow you to set up alerts for any search terms you want, such as your client names or relevant keywords. Online reputation management uses tactics to generate prompt customer feedback, alert companies when negative feedback is posted and allow businesses to showcase themselves in a more positive light.

Promote Positive Reviews and Reconcile Negative Ones

With a surplus of sites available to consumers for reviewing and rating businesses, it’s easier than ever to find positive and negative postings. Since customers disproportionately flock to review websites after a negative experience, online reputation services allow businesses to address these potentially harmful reviews before they escalate. Responding to online reviews can be an art form in itself, as companies should acknowledge positive reviews and be conciliatory to negative reviews. Studies have shown that customers trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations, and they also appreciate businesses that have stepped in to address negative reviews and try fixing the issue. Let your customers know that their opinions matter to you, and show them that you care enough to respond quickly and settle differences. Another aspect of online reviews is their value to search engines and ability to show up high in search results. Search engines prioritize websites that have consistent, relevant and unique customer reviews since this type of content is highly useful to consumers.

Bury Negative Content

Most of the time, negative reviews will never truly be deleted from the internet, but they can be buried where nobody will find it. Through promoting high-quality positive content, you can suppress negative content down in search results rankings. Engage regularly on social media sites to build a following and use content marketing techniques to increase the chances of positive reviews and informative content ranking higher. This tactic may not cause an immediate online reputation revamp because each positing needs to accrue enough credibility and search engine ranking value over time; nevertheless, consistently replacing the bad press with authentic and constructive content gives your client the ability to shape the public’s opinion of their company.

Take Control of Your Online Reputation with GaleForce Digital

The next step in taking control of your clients’ online reputation is to partner with GaleForce Digital. Our online review generation and reputation management tool, ReForce, allows your clients to maximize positive customer feedback and easily handle potentially damaging reviews. ReForce is an innovative and completely rebrandable solution for clients and franchises seeking to create a tailored system that fits their needs. Learn more about ReForce and our other online marketing tools by connecting with a GaleForce Digital representative today. Take the first step by calling (866) 233-8499 to get started managing your clients’ online reputation.