Review and Reputation Management with ReForce

Brand reputation with ReForce

A wise man once said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” That wise man was Warren Buffet. No truer words may have ever been spoken when it comes to managing your brand’s reputation—well at least before the dawn of the increasingly popular online consumer review sites. Nowadays, it takes far less than five minutes, more like five seconds. With the ever-increasing number and popularity of review sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google and countless others, helping clients with review and reputation management has become an increasingly daunting and demanding task for marketing and advertising agencies.

So where do these agencies go for help? GaleForce Digital Technologies has announced the launch of its new ReForce software program, technology which will help you to manage your clients’ online review management and CRM needs.

It’s actually quite simple. ReForce performs almost completely on autopilot which allows your clients to devote their valuable employee hours to providing exceptional customer service and quality products which will generate additional positive reviews, instead of spending their time searching the Internet for dissatisfied consumer critiques. ReForce provides a platform in which your clients can display not only more, but more positive reviews and tailor them to the demographics they wish to target. The immediate feedback feature offers clients another chance to make contact with dissatisfied customers and remedy the problem before they take their opinions online.

Clients are also able to monitor their performance on a specially-designed dashboard display so that they can get real-time data and can more accurately gauge the reaction to various marketing initiatives. This assures that your clients will show up in the best possible online positions and rankings.

Some businesses may not even yet realize the importance and relevance of having a positive online peer presence. As an advisor, you have the obligation to point out the facts to your clients.

For example, the findings of a 2013 survey conducted by Dimensional Research, Inc. show that the 90% of consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by seeing positive online testimonials. Furthermore, a study by Nielsen showed that 82% of people who visit review sites do so because they are intending to purchase a product or service, and the more reviews a business has, the more likely a consumer will trust those reviews. In summary, as review volume increases, consumers buy with more confidence, leading to an increase in sales conversion.

As a marketing and/or advertising agency, you will find ReForce has its own unique benefits for your brand’s reputation as well. All of our materials are in white-label format so that you can brand them with your own name and logo. GaleForce has no direct relationship with your clients, and you can set your own pricing schedule. We will provide sales and training materials for your staff, and the GaleForce Digital Technologies staff is available to help with any questions or situations which may arise.

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