Top Trends SEO Companies Should Look Out For

Each year brings an influx of changes that SEO companies have to keep up with to stay competitive. From new forms of content creation to adjustments to Google’s search engine algorithms, you should be responsive to search engine optimization trends that could significantly impact your client’s traffic and revenue this year and beyond. Search engines focus on the user, so SEO companies must pay attention to optimizing user experience in order to keep their client’s pages at the top of the results page. Read on to learn about a few of the top trends that SEO companies should capitalize on for the benefit of their client’s SEO strategy.

Local SEO Is at the Forefront

With the evolution of mobile search, local SEO is becoming increasingly essential. Consumers use their mobile devices to perform queries related to local business information including store addresses, hours of operation and local promotions. According to the Google report, “Understanding Consumers’ Local Search Behavior,” half of consumers who performed a local search on smartphones visited a store within a day. This illustrates that mobile users are usually prepared to make a purchase decision or at least close to making one. SEO companies should anticipate this by making sure their clients are present on business directories and online map listings, updating this information frequently and consistently.

Positive Reviews Rank You Higher

As technology progresses, search engine algorithms tend to rely on customer opinions as strong signals for communicating trustworthiness and authority. In other words, search engines trust your client’s customers more than they trust you. Businesses with positive reviews progress toward the top of the results page as relevant and helpful sources for the searcher. SEO companies that offer review management services are likely to differentiate their client’s business and enhance visibility in the search results.

SEO and PPC Integration

Instead of pitting the two against one another, SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) work best when supporting each other synergistically. SEO companies that integrate these two strategies will often be able to drive results that are greater than their component parts. PPC brings your clients laser-targeted visibility on the results page, while search optimized website and landing pages provide relevant links for users to click. This integrated search strategy will target users at all stages of the customer journey from research to comparison and purchase. Your clients will profit from the trend toward a holistic search engine strategy.

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