Three Advantages of Utilizing an Advertising Management System

advertising management systemAgencies often find themselves drowning in menial, labor-intensive tasks because they are stuck using outdated media planning and buying practices like email chains, extensive spreadsheets and PDFs. The never-ending juggling act of managing an advertising agency demands a software solution that will allow you to streamline operations and scale your agency. There are many advantages of utilizing an advertising management system – read below to see our top three.

Deliver Unparalleled Services to Your Clients

The perfect advertising management system will streamline your agency operations, saving you time and money while making clients happy. Many agency owners shy away from time-saving advertising management systems because they lack technical skills and the initial cost involved. Instead, many will continue using extensive spreadsheets and manually entering each piece of data. This method is not a long-term, scalable solution for any advertising agency, and degrades your ability to effectively communicate clients’ advertising results in real time. Integrating an advertising management system will give your agency an edge on the competition, allowing you to invest more time in developing powerful campaign strategies and analytics.

Gather Measurable Results with Reporting Features

Organizing all agency media buying and planning operations under one dashboard creates a data pool where you can simply pull reports and analyze real-time data. An advertising management system incorporates valuable reporting tools that automatically predict digital and traditional advertising results without the wasted time of inputting tedious calculations and risking human error. Being able to pull this crucial data and easily analyze campaigns will boost your team’s efficiency and optimize your clients’ campaigns for the best possible results.

Long Term Benefits – Is Your Agency in it for the Long Haul?

An advertising management system is usually a long-term investment. Not only is there the initial purchase, but also the time and effort involved with incorporating the advertising management system into your individual agency functions. Before diving in, be positive that your top choice advertising management system can perform all the necessary functions, such as digital media purchases and reconciliations, that your agency cannot live without. Partner with an advertising management system that is constantly moving forward, making refinements on its product to better suit your agency’s needs. This continuous support and quality assurance will benefit your agency as you will have more accessible resources that enable your agency to grow.

Step into the 21st Century with GaleForceMedia Advertising Management System

Designed in collaboration with experienced media planners, GaleForceMedia is an easy-to-use software that offers a range of powerful features vital to the modern marketing agency. GaleForceMedia is applicable for any size agency and integrated with television and radio ratings that allows you to plan and buy across all major mass media types. As a software company, GaleForce Digital is committed to ongoing research and development so our solutions continue to enhance your agency’s operations. Speak with a GaleForce Digital representative about the robust advertising management features of GaleForceMedia by calling (866) 233-8499 today.