Things to Consider When Hiring an SEO Agency

Handling the day-to-day of your client’s SEO can be a demanding task for any agency, especially if yours has a large number of clients. Since SEO is a long-term process that requires consistency, sometimes it makes sense to bring in a team of outside experts to handle the job. While there is always the need for on-site optimization such as blogs, landing page experience, and website development, the value of off-site SEO shouldn’t be overlooked. The right SEO agency can improve your client’s off-site optimization by utilizing local directories, map listings and review generation. Read on to learn about a few factors to consider when deciding to use an outside SEO agency.

Communication Is Key

Since SEO agencies are often dividing their attention among many businesses, you may have to measure your expectations when communicating with them. Most of the time, the relationship between you and an SEO agency will not be face-to-face, so many correspondences will be conducted through phone or email. You will have to be strategic when it comes to establishing communication with your SEO agency to ensure that messages are effectively delivered and received. A good SEO agency will meet you in the middle by promising a strong and effective relationship even if it isn’t face-to-face.

Types of Products and Services Offered

Although on-site optimization is important for your clients, the best SEO agencies provide products and services that cater to off-site optimization as well. For example, it is important to make sure that your clients are found on local directories and map listings. These listings often have to be updated consistently, so using an outside SEO agency for this task could be very helpful for your clients. Further, an SEO agency that offers a review generation tool will automate the customer survey process and distribute your client’s positive reviews to third party websites. This will improve their online reputation and possibly even boost their rankings on search engines.

Some SEO Agencies Come With Powerful Resources

Fortunately, noteworthy SEO agencies are equipped with powerful tools and resources. They are armed with software and technology that your clients will have access to, such as white-labeled local search optimization programs, PPC solutions and reputation management tools. All of these resources will improve your client’s overall SEO efforts and take their campaigns to the next level. Using these off-site SEO tools combined with your on-site strategy will produce scalable results for your client’s business.

Partner with GaleForce Digital for Cutting Edge Off-Site SEO Tools

GaleForce Digital Technologies offers a wide range of powerful, web-based solutions that you can use to enhance your client’s SEO campaigns. Our white-labeled software allows agencies to create recurring revenue streams for their clients through a variety of off-site SEO tools and services, including local search management, review generation and pay-per-click advertising. These valuable tools will streamline your client’s off-site SEO and grow their bottom line. To learn more about GaleForce Digital and how we can help your agency and your clients, contact us today by visiting our contact page or calling (866) 233-8499.