How Automated Marketing Platforms Can Increase ROI

In today’s complex digital landscape, staying ahead of competitors requires more than just creative marketing. Fortunately, automated marketing platforms help companies get more done quicker and aid with avoiding costly mistakes. From integrating your favorite platforms seamlessly, cutting down on advertising spends, and getting accurate, real-time data to make informed decisions, software tools have quickly become a marketer’s best friend. Using all-in-one automated marketing systems can save time bouncing between platforms – and we all know time is money.

Digital marketing platforms can be incredibly useful for keeping your KPIs in check, and GaleForce Digital’s suite does exactly that. In this post we’ll explore how GaleForce Digital’s suite of automated marketing platforms can increase your business’s marketing return on investment (ROI).

Accurately track and measure media buys with GaleForceMedia

Automated marketing platforms can allow your business to accurately track and measure ad performances based off of real-time data obtained from your media buys. That way you can instantly see your results and gain insight into consumer behavior. A cloud based-platform such as GaleForceMedia best supports your media planning and buying process by providing you with accurate data and flexibility. It’s the only platform with an advanced Google Analytics integration feature, MediaInsights – that allows you to import invoices from vendors into GaleForceMedia and compare ads and budgets to web traffic. This will give you an idea of which spots are generating site visits.

Maximize your digital performance with AdForce

If you’re trying to get your ads in front of customers who have already interacted with – or are potentially interested in your brand – AdForce might be the solution for you. By automating your ad purchases and simultaneously optimizing your budget, AdForce allows you to reach to the right people at the right time. A demand-side platform (DSP) like AdForce allows users to view media ads on over 95% of places that ads can appear. This automated marketing platform can help you achieve your desired results at the lowest cost possible.

Optimize organic social media engagement with SocialForce.

Trying to gain actionable insight? Try implementing automated marketing platforms to your social media management process. Using a platform like SocialForce can help manage all of your social channels in one place, and create or share content based on advanced analytics to keep your KPIs in check. That way you don’t have to risk spending time and money testing out your content strategy.

Save time on SEO efforts with LocalForce

Search engines like Google favor local businesses who have authority over the locally relevant content. This process of testing or managing SEO efforts can be time consuming when done manually. By using automated marketing platforms to maximize your company’s online visibility, you can save the long hours of research and problem solving that manual SEO efforts typically require. LocalForce is an affordable local SEO service that ensures you’re capturing local consumers quickly and effectively. Out of several automated marketing platforms, LocalForce is a trusted SEO data source that has direct integrations with search engines and data aggregators, allowing you to easily manage up to thousands of locations and make bulk edits.

Simplify your review generation strategy with ReForce

On the topic of managing your brand, reputation management is equally as important as local listings. Search engines recommend increasing customer reviews and maintaining a high average rating score to increase your business rankings. Putting automated marketing platforms into place, you can quickly address any negative feedback in private, before a customer publicly expresses their negative experience online. ReForce has a unique system to quickly monitor and respond to reviews, giving your company a second chance to potentially rank higher locally, than your competitors.

Cut down costs on ads with ClickForce

It’s crucial to stay on top of data across all major search engines to avoid overspending on ads. A common mistake most marketers make is spending too much on the first ad position. A way automated marketing platforms can increase your business’ ROI is through a PPC software like ClickForce to track conversions back to the keyword that generated them. With the help of GaleForce Digital Technologies, you can increase your business’s return of investments through a series of innovative automated marketing platforms. To learn more about how your company can manage and optimize your digital marketing efforts with powerhouse tools like these – contact us for a demo.