Put Their Business in the Customer’s Hands with Local Directories

Local directories play a major role in growing brand awareness while increasing your client’s visibility across the internet. Your clients should be easily accessible when consumers search for the products and services they offer. Updating their business information on local directories will ensure that they’re found in local search results, which should increase traffic to their website and/or physical location. Furthermore, people who turn to an online local directory are likely to bring the positive intention to purchase. If you’re not sold yet, here are several benefits of listing your client’s business on local directories.

Increased Visibility

Search engines love well-managed local directories because they index businesses by category and geographical area. Since these directories are held in such high regard, your client’s presence on these directory sites can result in a dramatic boost in search rankings. Search engine optimization (SEO), the hunt for the top results on Google, is a complicated discipline that’s constantly evolving. Nevertheless, listing your clients on local directories remains one of the best offsite SEO tactics, offering increased visibility for their business.

Generate More Traffic to Your Client’s Website

Local directories are capable of bringing a twofold traffic flow to your client’s website – direct and indirect. The direct traffic flow will bring customers who simply follow the website listing and end up on your client’s landing pages. On the other hand, the indirect traffic flow are customers who enter their website via the search engine results page. For example, someone searching for a term that matches your client’s business category might find them through a local directory that was ranked near the top of the page.

Get More Reviews

If you’ve ever had trouble getting reviews for your client’s business, local directories can help. You will find that many local directory sites, such as Yelp, Citysearch and Foursquare, also provide areas where customers can leave reviews about your client’s business. Capitalizing on these local directories will put your clients in a great position to rank high on search engines and collect a number of positive customer reviews.

A Cost Effective Solution

An attractive part about the local directory is that adding your client’s business information is typically free of charge. This gives your clients great advertising exposure and marketing benefits, while all you’re spending is a bit of time. In fact, there are platforms that distribute your client’s business information to hundreds of online directories automatically. This helps you to focus on your clients rather than worrying about the publishing of their business listings.

Take Advantage of Local Directories with LocalForce

Harness the power of local directories with LocalForce, a cost-effective local search optimization platform that will improve your client’s rankings within organic results, directory listings and online map listings. LocalForce is a white-label solution that will automatically dispense your client’s business information to local directories across the web. This is an efficient way to strengthen their online presence and lead new customers right to them. To learn more about LocalForce and how it can enhance your client’s presence on local directories, contact us at (866) 233-8499.