Best Ways to Optimize Your Google AdWords Campaign

For your Google AdWords campaign to effectively gain conversions it must be continually monitored, tested and optimized. Implementing just a few small changes to your AdWords campaign can have a big impact and boost your campaign results. Here are some key areas you should be focusing your efforts on to fully optimize your AdWords campaign.

Concentrate on Your Landing Pages’ Relevancy

Even the most engaging text ad can’t lead to a conversion if it is not coupled with an appealing and easy-to-understand landing page. Lead with a strong headline and a clear call to action that is in a prominent location on the page. Ask yourself if the content on the page is easy to follow and comprehend, and make sure you are matching the text with relevant images for this specific campaign. Your leads should be able to find exactly what they are looking for quickly and easily. Make sure that all your keywords aren’t linking to the same landing page; they should each have their own uniquely relevant landing page.

Optimize Your Highest Performing Keywords

Keyword selection is critical and time consuming because of the infinite possibilities and variations. Some keywords may seem like winners at first but then underperform in the AdWords campaign. When making your keyword selection, focus on writing individual ads for each keyword to create original content and increase your quality score. Allocate your budget to your keywords that are performing well and get creative with variations that may boost its effectiveness. This will help you tidy up any wasted spend on keywords that don’t deliver. Also, check your auction insights report regularly to compare your performance with other bids, and adjust your budget accordingly.

Refine Your Negative Keywords

Prevent your ads from appearing in search queries that include words or phrases that you do not want to be associated with. Refining your negative keywords for each AdWords campaign will help save money from wasted clicks for phrases that have an altered and undesired meaning related to your ad. Refer to your search terms report to build a list of negative keywords. This will narrow the audience that sees your ad and enable it to speak more directly towards your potential target customers.

Utilize All Ad Extensions

Ad extensions greatly improve your ad’s visibility and chances of leading to a conversion by displaying location information, contact number, ratings or other webpage links. Use all the ad extensions that are relevant, and each will increase your prominence on a SERP. Ad extensions help your campaigns become more interactive because they give customers a way of immediately contacting you or finding you on a map.

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