Factoring Google Exact Match Into AdWords Campaigns

The use of exact match keywords is a staple of any successful AdWords campaign. Exact match keywords allow you to have the most control over who may see your client’s ads. Google AdWords will show your client’s ad when someone searches for the exact match, or a close variation, of the keyword. Here are some reasons to consider using exact match keywords in your client’s AdWords campaigns.

Exact Match Increases the Relevancy of AdWords Campaigns

Since individuals seeking exact match keywords likely have high intent on your client’s product or service, exact match keywords can increase the AdWords Campaign click-through rate. Knowing the exact phrases that your client’s customers are looking for will help you write more specific, higher quality ads that cater to those keywords.

Google AdWords Exact Match Isn’t So Exact

When factoring in exact match keywords into your client’s campaign, do so knowing that Google updated how they treat word order and syntax. Prepositions, conjunctions and articles are disregarded for exact match keywords as long as it does not change the meaning of the keyword. For example, word order strongly applies to those searching for flights because the meaning of “JFK to ATL” is greatly different than “ATL to JFK.” However, if your exact match keyword is “hotel Atlanta airport,” then Google AdWords will allow variations in order, such as “Atlanta airport hotel” or “airport Atlanta hotel” to appear in search queries because of their relevancy. Exact match also allows for close variation queries such as misspellings, singular and plural forms, acronyms, stemmings (such as “find” and “finding”), abbreviations and accents.

Takeaways for Exact Match in AdWords Campaigns

Allowing close variants to apply to exact match keywords will take away some control for those managing an AdWords campaign. If you want to bid differently based on the singular or plural form of your chosen keyword, exact match does not offer that complete coverage anymore. A positive takeaway from Google adjusting exact match keywords is that campaign managers can focus more on the strategy of their campaign instead of compiling excessive lists of exact match keywords. Utilizing exact match keywords will still give you more control than with phrase and broad match keywords, and are important to factor into your client’s campaign so they don’t miss out on potential customers.

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