How to Offer Better PPC Advertising Than Your Competitors

To help potential clients drive a stream of high quality traffic to their website, it is important to deploy an effective pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. You will be competing with other agencies to offer the best advertising option. In order to overcome the competition, your PPC advertising will have to be cutting-edge and provide value that your clients can’t find anywhere else. There are several tools and functions that you can utilize to offer better PPC advertising than your competitors. Read on to learn how to give your clients’ PPC campaigns an edge over the competition.

Optimize For the Keywords That Are Generating the Best Results

Bidding and optimizing for keywords that aren’t leading to conversions is not the best use of a client’s advertising dollars. Rather, you’ll want to optimize for keywords that produce good results for their PPC campaign. There are several ways to do this, including a heavy investment of man-hours, but the most efficient way would be to employ a platform that does this automatically. Forming your PPC advertising around search terms that drive conversions will save your client time and money, putting you in a good position over your competitors.

Serve Ads on All of the Major Search Engines

Although Google is a prevailing leader when it comes to search engines, there are benefits to using others as well. Yahoo, Bing and other search engines such as Citysearch and Ask.com still hold a percentage of the market, even if they’re not quite as dominant as Google. These are still major search engines that should be used to your advantage. To offer the best value to your clients, you should manage their PPC advertising across all of the major search engines to reach their audience effectively.

Track Phone Call Quality

Take your client’s PPC advertising to the next level by tracking the phone calls generated through their PPC campaign. Not every agency utilizes technology that allows for the tracking of PPC calls, so this is your chance for a competitive edge. Analyzing these calls can help your clients ensure quality customer service and reinforce their staff with valuable information.

Offer Better PPC Advertising than the Competition with ClickForce

Partner with GaleForce Digital Technologies and use our PPC solution, ClickForce, to outperform your competitors. ClickForce is a white-labeled, customizable platform that will handle your client’s PPC campaigns from start to finish. The beauty of this automated tool is the fact that it is able to track phone calls, emails, form submissions and other web events back to the original keywords that generated them. Plus, ClickForce will show your client’s ads across all major search engines and capture their desired audience wherever they may be. Offer your clients better PPC advertising than your competitors with ClickForce, a platform that includes the most comprehensive feature set available for PPC. To learn more about ClickForce, contact us at (866) 233-8499 today.