How All Those Business Listings Can Pay Off Big Time

Why Online Business Listings Are a “Must Have” for Your Client

With businesses and consumers so linked to their devices, online marketing and business listings have become not only a key component but a necessity for your business to be successful in creating an instant interaction between your clients and their consumer. Business listings are a crucial element that affect a company’s rankings, revenue and reputation. Additionally, they provide consumers with important details about your client, making it easy for them to find basic company information, pictures, and social media links. The reliability, quality and range of data provided in your listings will correlate to your clients’ search engine rankings, which will affect their web and foot traffic, as well as revenue.

Make Your Client Known

Business listings are one of the best ways to get your client’s information across the Internet. The variety of different listing platforms to utilize and choose from has become very beneficial but difficult to manage for businesses. The use of these listings will increase your client’s visibility and online presence, and the more listings you are utilizing the more their business will be seen. Additionally, you may even notice their business appear in a directory listing you did not create, since some smaller directories gather data from larger ones. Lastly, these listings are a way for people to stumble upon your client. When searching a directory for a broad term or another company, a consumer may come across your client instead, leading to greater chances for discovery.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Some businesses may tend to shy away from listings due to the anxiety and fear of getting possible bad feedback or only one star. However, being non-present can hurt your business even more than a bad review can. As long as one knows how to actively manage reviews, there is no reason a business should be missing out from all of the possible good reviews. These good and even mixed reviews that consumers leave on directories are a way to strengthen your client’s reputation and establish legitimacy and trust among new and current customers.

Get Their Brand Out There

Placing your clients on numerous listings is an easy way to increase their brand awareness. Being visible on multiple directories puts your client’s name and information out there in a pool of other listings. Many times a consumer is searching a broad term and when he or she sees your client that may be the one they choose, and even if your client is not the one chosen it is still an effective way to increase brand awareness.

Moving Up the Ranks

A business’s presence on multiple online listing directories will result in improved SEO. By consistently having your client’s information listed on all of these different directories it will allow the company to rank higher on search engines, which is your goal as an agency.

Be #1 on Google… Or at Least Try

Although it may seem difficult, it is possible to improve your position on Google and even make it to the first page. The well-known business listings that have been around forever are sources of traffic and trust. These factors are ones favored by Google which may allow your clients to appear on Google’s first page.

Getting Listed

The wide array of benefits created by business listings can truly pay off big time. Being absent from these listings can be detrimental to a business’s success. Additionally, if your client is present but has data that appears wrong or inconsistent among directories, it can misinform end-users and search engines and negatively influence revenue. Having to type the same information repetitively among different listings does not appeal to most, that is why it is important to use a service to manage these listings for you.

LocalForce is a local search management platform that makes it easy to manage business listings, saving time and money. LocalForce helps businesses build an online presence by consistently distributing their information to over 2,000 directories. To learn more, fill out our contact form or call GaleForce Digital at (866) 233-8499.