Digital Marketing for Dealerships – Where to Start?

Marketing in the automotive industry has become progressively digital each day, and it’s not going away. With car sales migrating to the internet, car dealerships depend on solid lead generation tactics to generate revenue. Digital marketing strategies tailored for dealerships can provide reliable leads in an efficient way. 

Effective Digital Marketing Channels

Social Media Advertising

So, which online channels should you use for dealership marketing? Social media is king when it comes to digital marketing. The most effective social media platforms for advertising have millions of users with high engagement. Popular platforms for digital marketing include Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more recently TikTok. Advertisers have the ability to improve campaigns as the platform studies your audience, and retarget people who saw your ad or website, but didn’t convert to a lead. Social media ad campaigns are very effective tools for businesses like dealerships that require lead generation to thrive. 

Google Ads Marketing

Most of us use Google daily, and it remains one of the most prevalent marketing tools for businesses today. With Google, advertisers can promote dealership services at the top of the search engine results page and display YouTube ads before the featured video. In fact, YouTube continues to generate more leads each year due to the rise of video marketing popularity. People like to see products and services in action – a great opportunity to showcase what your dealership has to offer. 

Put Your Eggs in One Basket

You’ve launched your campaigns and the clicks are coming in, but how do you track your leads and keep them organized? It can seem overwhelming when marketers have to manage multiple channels at once. Consider online planning tools, content calendars, and even automated software to make your life easier. You may have endless leads coming in, but it’s important to follow through with the sale, too. Utilize software to free up time so you can build relationships with your automotive leads generated by digital campaigns. 

Integrate your digital platforms and put all your eggs in one basket. This is not only helpful for organization, but you can tie your campaigns together to optimize performance and find out where each and every lead originated from.

Which Software Should You Use?

First, determine the features and capabilities of a software before committing to a contract. Advertisers should look for a program that offers benefits that outweigh the costs – whether it’s saving time or improving performance. Establish your greatest challenges when dealing with digital marketing campaigns. What solutions do you seek? Perhaps you need help managing social media campaigns at scale, or you need help optimizing conversions for your paid search campaigns. Once you determine the benefits you seek, it’s time to compare your options.  

Software solutions allow you to track digital campaigns and organize your marketing channels in one place. With GaleForce’s suite of digital marketing software, dealerships can achieve this, as well as target the right audience in the right place, making sure they hone in on ideal prospects. You don’t want to reach users who can’t even drive! Our GaleForce suite of products integrates paid social media, paid search, and even your traditional media like TV and radio, automating most of the technical aspects of optimization. You can also utilize MediaInsights, the GaleForceMedia feature that lets you track which television and radio spots drive the most traffic to your site. With GaleForce, you’ll always have a strong understanding about where your leads come from. Take more time to establish relationships with your automotive leads by integrating your projects and optimizing digital marketing campaigns with GaleForce. Learn more about a free two-week demo here.