Online Marketing for Local Businesses Made Easy

It’s common sense—the more accessible you make your business the more likely you are to get business. But how you do that has changed dramatically in the last few years. The world of marketing and business has been transformed by smartphones and mobile devices. Chances are that if you’re a local business people are finding you simply by putting a few search terms into Google.

Search engine listings are more than just a place to find a number—it’s a platform for your clients to interact with your business and for you to make a lasting first impression. Not taking advantage of the power of online listings can more often than not lead to a bad listing, and a bad listing is a marketing opportunity wasted.

There are many ways a bad local listing can be a detrimental to your business.

First and foremost, you won’t show up as frequently or accurately on search engines. If you don’t so much as show up on Google or Bing, how is a future client even supposed to know that your business exists? Studies also show that 79% of consumers use mobile apps to find local business and information. Not properly representing yourself on the mobile frontier essentially means losing customers.

The power of LocalForce

GaleForce Digital Technologies’ LocalForce can guard against that. It’s a cost-effective local search optimization program that can maximize your online visibility, making it effective in terms of marketing your business online and locally.

Just because you’re listed online doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed good marketing however. Many times the information listed online will be inconsistent across different search engines. With no one to efficiently maintain and monitor this information, your businesses might be listed with the wrong number or address which can cost you customers. LocalForce effectively and efficiently helps manage that, and keeps your business information consistent and accurate across all channels of local search.

LocalForce will not only help you look good, but help you look better than the competition. LocalForce can help businesses get balanced reviews online, making its online image honest and fair. Without proper attention, your online marketing can be foiled by search engines only drawing from one-sided reviews. LocalForce will make this easier to manage, and make it easier for customers to monitor and address reviews online.

LocalForce can help manage your online marketing needs, making your local business accessible and prominent.