Five Ways to Generate Qualified Leads through PPC Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is an opportunity to earn a lot of revenue at a relatively low cost. Effective PPC campaigns can produce great ROI for your clients as long as they’re generating qualified leads. It’s important to optimize these campaigns on a consistent basis by using tightly themed ad groups, testing ad copy and deploying a variety of keywords. There are several other actions you can take to produce conversion-ready leads for your clients. Read on to learn about 5 ways to generate the most qualified leads through PPC advertising.

Define Your Client’s Target Audience

Before initiating your client’s PPC advertising campaign, you’ll have to define the exact buyer persona that you’re trying to reach. Think about the ideal customers that are most likely to convert, then construct your PPC ads around what they’re searching for. Be sure to be very specific when tailoring your client’s PPC campaigns to their respective audience. This will help you weed out non-conversion-worthy clicks.

Create Relevant Landing Pages

Since landing pages are where the end-users convert, it’s crucial that you deliver on the promises of your client’s PPC ads. In order to expect an increase in qualified leads, your landing page content should communicate the same value that brought people to them in the first place. Help your clients achieve more conversions by properly optimizing the landing page experience across their website, ensuring that all of the elements match their PPC advertising.

Put Your PPC Advertising to the Test

Rather than relying on guesswork when it comes to your client’s PPC advertising, make informed decisions by using testing methods that provide you with actionable data. Split testing separates traffic toward multiple versions of the same ad so that you can see which variables convert better. By consistently testing your client’s PPC campaigns, they will gain more leads that are qualified as you frequently optimize and display the best-performing ads on the search engine results page.

Optimize for the Keywords That Generate Conversions

Allocating your client’s advertising dollars toward keywords that are leading to conversions will produce the most qualified leads. This means that you’ll have to keep a dedicated eye on keyword reports and their performance metrics. An efficient way to do this would be to employ a platform that automatically bids and optimizes for search terms that drive the best results. This will save your client time and money, putting them in a great position to receive qualified clicks.

Take Advantage of Your Call-To-Actions

Ensure that the consumers who are most interested in your client’s offerings have several opportunities to become a customer. Using call-to-actions that promote buyer intent, such as “Buy Now” or “Sign Here,” will guide your client’s qualified PPC traffic right down the funnel and into a conversion. Planned and tested calls-to-action should be on every page of your client’s website and PPC landing pages. They should also be included in the PPC ads themselves in order to drive qualified traffic to your client’s offerings.

Generate Qualified PPC Leads With ClickForce

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