Staying Afloat Amidst “Secret” Google Algorithm Updates

Google constantly works to improve its search engine through algorithm updates. The purpose of these updates is to reward legitimate businesses while penalizing “black hat” tactics, such as duplicate content, keyword stuffing and link spamming. While this usually means a better experience for users, it often causes great difficulty for SEO agencies. Having to constantly analyze dozens or hundreds of accounts and re-strategize due to constant Google updates demands a great deal of time and resources. Google will often withhold confirmation or description of updates in order to prevent any gaming of the SEO systems (and some believe to better monetize their services). Read on to learn how to maintain a solid SEO foundation despite any future Google updates.

A Recent History of Google Updates

It appears that a massive, unconfirmed SEO update has been rolled out in segments since June, 2017. There were four periods of great flux in the search engine algorithm in just three months, meaning over one update per month! With this kind of volatility in the search market, it can be extremely difficult to determine which SEO strategies will work and remain valid in the long term. With Google refusing to affirm or deny a series of specific updates, even SEO experts are left to merely speculate as to the full ramifications of these updates and which practices will be most effective in achieving a high ranking.

Honing in on Unshakable, Long-Term SEO Strategies

The easiest way to keep your clients ranking in the top of the search results is to focus on the core components of SEO that will always be valid, no matter what type of Google updates may be implemented in the future. In order to monetize its services, Google must grow and maintain the largest user base possible; therefore, it must deliver the best user experience possible. Google’s mission statement makes this completely apparent, as it reads: “To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Here are some search engine algorithm factors you can control that improve user experience and will always be at the core of Google’s ranking algorithm.

Location Data

Have you ever typed something into Google Maps and ended up at the wrong address? It’s the most annoying thing in the world, right? Google is getting better and better at cross-referencing a business’s location data across multiple publishers in order to verify its accuracy. Obviously, Google wants its users to get where they want to go, making location data extremely important. By getting your clients’ business name, address and phone number listed consistently in as many places as possible online, you’re helping their ranking in Google Maps.

Online Reviews

The quality, quantity and recency of reviews are playing a bigger role in how your clients rank in both the maps and organic sections of search engines results pages. Would you rely on a platform that gave you inaccurate reviews? Google values accurate reviews that people can rely on when making purchasing decisions. Helping your clients get a steady stream of positive online reviews, especially in Google reviews, will make them jump up the page. Of course, it has the added benefit of improving their reputation and making consumers more inclined to do business with them.

Search Engine Marketing

The paid counterpart to SEO, search engine marketing (SEM) allows you to easily get your client’s website to the top of the search results. While this is a way Google monetizes its services, it still wants to provide users with businesses, products and services that are relevant and suit their needs. Therefore, it’s extremely important to optimize the content of your client’s website in order to get great paid search marketing results.

Automate Your Clients’ Core SEO Components

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