Make New Revenue Streams with White Label SEO Services

Whether you’re an SEO veteran or just looking to enter the industry, you may not be equipped to handle the amount of work needed to deliver quality search marketing, at least not with in-house labor alone. Organizations that don’t have the experience, know-how or manpower required to successfully sell and implement SEO services frequently outsource that work in order to avoid missing out on new sources of revenue.

There are many opportunities to pursue when outsourcing SEO work, and many organizations turn to SEO reselling and white label SEO services in order to accommodate the demand from clients. Let’s take a look at how to find cost-effective solutions for outsourcing these services.

How to Find Outsourced SEO Services that Work

First and foremost, you need to get an understanding of the current market. Do your research and see which SEO resellers and white label SEO services offer products and services that are the right fit for your needs. In the process, ask yourself the following questions:


1.     Do They Have Good Products and Services?

As the expression goes, “you can have it good, cheap or fast—pick any two.” This seems like it goes without saying, but many companies that offer outsourced SEO services can get the job done quickly and cheaply but not well. Is what they’re offering truly valuable to your clients? Always make sure you get a demo of their work to see if their performance appears to warrant the sticker price.


2.     Is There Room for You to Make a Profit?

It’s time to sit down and dust off the calculator. Make sure you crunch the numbers and find out if you can deliver white label SEO products and services to your clients at a reasonable price while still turning a profit. One of the challenges in accounting for your costs is determining how many man-hours will be required to deal with the vendor and client. You will also have to train your staff on how to use the products or services you’ll be reselling, which can be a considerable upfront investment.


3.     Do They Treat You Well?

Does the vendor see things from your perspective and answer your questions quickly and intelligently? If they don’t treat you well, your clients may not get the treatment they deserve either. For example, the vendor may not give you the information you need to solve your clients’ problems, making you look slow to respond. In order to build a viable partnership with your white label SEO provider, communication must be open, concise and clear.


4.     Can You Easily Scale Up the Operation?

A good SEO reselling or white label opportunity should be scalable, meaning it could easily be implemented on a larger scale. A good opportunity should have a multiplying effect—you should see your profits grow exponentially the more time and effort you invest into your white label SEO services. Scalable operations should be simple and require little in the way of oversight and execution.


5.     What Does the Vendor’s Development Calendar Look Like?

It’s important that you go with a service that’s up-to-date and plans on staying there. Ask what their intentions are in regards to the future. Vendors that are devoted to continuous research and development will keep you competitive and get you new business. It also saves you from having to invest in product development so you can utilize your resources elsewhere.


How to Maximize Your Profit with White Label SEO

Once you’ve settled on a vendor, you should ensure that you are getting the greatest return on your investment. Here are a few ways of doing so:


1.     Reduce Costs

While there is an upfront salary cost associated in deploying your new white label SEO services, providing comprehensive training for your sales team and account managers is crucial to ensuring they don’t waste time in the future. Having a knowledgeable staff means things are getting done quickly and properly.


2.     Retain Your Clients

Just as you want a vendor who is attentive to your needs, you must be attentive to your clients. Provide all relevant information to them up front and make sure they are well-informed throughout your relationship. Be prepared to solve problems you may not immediately have the answer to regarding your white label SEO services; at some point you will have to rely on the vendor in assisting your clients. Having mechanisms in place to solve these problems quickly and effectively will help you provide the user-oriented service you need to keep your clients satisfied.


3.     Cross Sell

Target clients who are likely need in a variety of SEO services. Get a foot in the door with a few “must-haves” then see what else could be beneficial to them. Once again, make sure your sales and account teams know what it is they’re selling and where it’s applicable.


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