Offering the Right SEO Reseller Plan for Your Business

A good search engine optimization (SEO) plan is critical for your client’s business to be found online, and having an online presence is a significant factor when trying to grow a company and cultivate brand awareness. However, properly managing the SEO for all of your clients takes time and resources. Utilizing an SEO reseller plan makes this a viable task by providing turnkey SEO solutions that require little management and provide your clients with recurring revenue streams. The right SEO reseller plan will cover all your bases, specifically off-site optimization. Learn about several important elements of an SEO reseller plan that should be taken into consideration when offering to your clients.

Business Listings Management

The right SEO reseller plan will include a white-labeled solution that can optimize your client’s business listings in search engines, GPS systems and other online directories. An automated local SEO platform is capable of verifying, claiming and updating your client’s business information and distributes it to hundreds of publishers across the web. In order for your clients to rank high in the organic results, their business listings must be accurate and consistent. Your clients will benefit greatly from an SEO reseller plan that offers this technology and service potential.

Review Generation + Reputation Management

Since search engines want to promote the best possible websites on their results page, they take into account what online customers have to say about your client’s business. This means that if your clients have an abundance of great reviews, their SEO results will improve. The right SEO reseller plan will provide your clients with a surefire way to generate positive reviews and develop a good online reputation. For example, a valuable SEO reseller tool to offer your clients would be a software that aggregates reviews from around the web and automates the customer survey process. An SEO reseller plan that can improve your client’s online reputation can also improve their bottom line.

Automated Paid Search Advertising

Offering an SEO reseller plan that deploys automated paid search advertising is one of the fastest ways for your client’s business to be found online. A notable pay-per-click platform can track phone calls, emails, form submissions and other web events back to the specific keywords that generated them. A white-labeled paid search solution can effectively manage your client’s pay-per-click campaigns across all major search engines, ensuring that they are found when consumers are searching for them.

GaleForce Digital Has the Right SEO Reseller Plan for Your Agency

GaleForce Digital provides the ultimate SEO reseller plan that deploys white-labeled, customizable SEO solutions that will scale your client’s business. Our powerful software solutions are rebrandable and include all of the vital features you just read about. Improve your client’s off-site optimization with our local search management, review generation and paid search solutions that will help your clients drive revenue and produce strong results. To learn more about our SEO reseller plans, visit our website or call (866) 233-8499 today.