The Most Affordable Ways to Optimize Local SEO

Providing fully comprehensive onsite local SEO services can be time consuming for you and too expensive for your clients. A great deal of attention is required to fix technical issues with your client’s website, and there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. Frequently, a project can end up requiring more hours than you anticipated, turning it into a money-losing operation. You could take the alternative route and bill your client for more than the original estimate, but that may put a strain on the relationship. If you want to avoid these pitfalls, there are several ways to provide affordable local SEO in the form of managed software as a service (SaaS).

Analytics & Reporting

Your client may be a DIY kind of person that lacks the technical knowledge involved in monitoring local SEO efforts. Offering an audit and ongoing analytics reporting can easily get them on track to improve their own website and offsite SEO practices. All you’re tasked with is generating reports and offering direction, making reporting one of the simplest ways to offer SEO services. Unfortunately, due to their perceived simplicity, these services may not be the most lucrative.

Review Generation

Search engines are increasingly relying upon review data to determine a business’s local SEO and its rankings in map and organic results. Offering your clients a platform that helps them turn valuable customer feedback into positive online reviews is affordable and very effective. The entire process can be condensed down into one step, uploading customer data. You or your client only have to add the data and the entire process can be automated from there on out, leading to a steady stream of positive reviews that search engines like to see. To learn more about managed review generation, read about ReForce.

Business Listings Management

Probably the most overlooked yet simple type of local SEO SaaS is business listing management, or local search management. This entails verifying, claiming and optimizing a business’s listings in places like search engines and other directories, such as the YellowPages. Of course, you could manually claim and optimize your clients’ profiles on the big names like Google, Yelp and Facebook, but doing so fails to deliver the results that an automated platform is capable of generating on a massive scale. Most SMBs have a lackluster presence on the internet, and this tool is an extremely easy way of showing them that while providing an efficient solution. Read about LocalForce to see how you can start offering your clients local search management.

GaleForce Digital Technologies, Creating Lasting Partnerships

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