Finding the Elusive All-In-One Ad Management Software

Ad Management Software to Suit All of Your Needs

If you’re an ad agency, you likely have campaigns running for multiple clients across an array of different platforms. Each of these platforms offer different features and attributes that need to be effectively managed in order to maximize your client’s ROI. To maximize your agency’s advertising efforts and keep your clients happy with their advertising results, you need your ad management software to handle all of your advertising and marketing strategies efficiently and accurately. Below are some things to consider when trying to find the elusive all-in-one ad management software.

One Size May Not Fit All

When it comes to advertising, no two methods are the same, and therefore, one type of software may not be able to effectively manage all of your advertising. For example, how you approach and analyze digital advertising methods may not be the same as how you would handle traditional methods. As a result, ad management software that claims to be all-in-one software for all of your advertising methods may not be the best option.

Consider Long-Lasting Solutions

In order to get the most out of your software, make sure it can provide value to your clients not only now, but in the future. Consider prospective clients and their needs in addition to expanding your current clients’ brands. For example, all types of businesses should concentrate on boosting their online visibility, so ad software that caters to search marketing would be a valuable investment. Whether it’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, local search management or review generation, software that focuses on increasing your clients’ online visibility can save your agency management time while effectively growing their business.

Make Reporting a Priority

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Whichever software best fits your agency’s needs, you should make sure that it has robust reporting features. Not only will this help streamline the process of managing your campaigns, but it will also be a valuable tool to demonstrate campaign performance to your clients. Reporting is crucial for both digital and traditional marketing, so even if you’re an agency that buys traditional media space for your clients, make sure the software provides adequate reporting features.

Let GaleForce Digital Help with Ad Management

GaleForce Digital provides powerful ad management software solutions for agencies, franchise groups and multi-location businesses that are rebrandable, ideal for organizations looking to integrate some of the most effective digital tools with their current advertising efforts. Gale Force offers software for review generation, PPC advertising, local search management and media buying and planning. Our software can help you take control and effectively manage your campaigns while growing your bottom line. Contact us today by visiting our website or call (866) 233-8499 to speak with a digital specialist.