Tips on Picking the Right Advertising Software for Your Agency

What Your Agency Should Look for in Advertising Software The day-to-day routine of your ad agency is most likely filled with many different tasks and responsibilities that are high priority and greatly impact the satisfaction of your clients and the success of their campaigns. This can make growing your business a challenge, especially if you

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Does the Perfect Advertising Agency Software Even Exist?

How to Find the Right Advertising Agency Software Running an advertising agency requires you and your employees to wear many hats, which is why advertising agency software is so important. The perfect software will save your agency time and money while also making your clients happy. However, knowing exactly what functionality your agency requires will

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Media Buying Tools

Which Media Buying Tools Do I Need for My Agency? The kind of media buying tools your advertising agency needs for media planning largely depends on what kind of clients your agency serves. Some agencies specialize in branding and awareness; other firms have found their niche in direct response. Further, some agencies place national campaigns

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Media Planner Tool

Using a Media Planner Tool To Help Build Your Media Strategy If your agency juggles clients with complex media buying needs, a media planner tool can be indispensable. Some clients may prefer to run advertising on only one medium, but for many clients a mix of several media is the ideal way to penetrate the

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How to Choose the Right Ad Agency Software

The Right Ad Agency Software Works for Both You and Your Clients As an advertising agency, you’re used to wearing multiple hats in order to achieve the best results for your clients. You want to do everything in your power to provide solutions for your clients, whether digitally or traditionally, that allow them to grow

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Media Buy Software

Every business has to make the decision whether or not to invest in the capital equipment needed to run the business. While it may not take the form of a backhoe or a fleet vehicle, ad agencies do have their own type of capital equipment. One is a technology asset in which thousands of agencies

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